BF_cocon Pizza RACE


Our lightest version, specially designed for hike and flight travels and competitions.


  • Big, very big aerodynamic tail
  • Frontal removable reserve container for a parachute, mounted on head carabiners
  • Get-up system on carbines. (a system invented by Bogdan 5 years ago to use get-up on carabiners without buckles. now this system is used on many harnesses of other brands)
  • Compact size inflatable protector
This model made of the lightest (such as 27 grams skytex fabric) and very thinner materials. This allows you to achieve low weight, but the resource of such a harness is lower than that of other versions.

Pizza version (from fabric skytex 27d)
Harness+protector weight(no carabiners, no cockpit) - from 980 gram +- 8% depends on size.
+Cockpit 60 gram

Сolor options: orange; white; lime; blue, orange, yellow.
*WEIGHT may vary +-5% due to different batches of fabric.
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Size Height
of the pilot
flying weight
XS 160-168 cm 100 kg EN/LTF
S 168-173 cm 100 kg EN/LTF
M 173-178 cm 100 kg EN/LTF
L 178-183 cm 100 kg 0.98 EN/LTF
XL 183-188 cm 100 kg EN/LTF
XXL 188-195 cm 100 kg EN/LTF


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