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BF is the lightest paraglider equipment ever! Cocoon harness, open harness, tandem harnesses, rescue parachutes, wings.

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BF_cocon V2.1

Our main bestseller. That will suit every pilot!
  • Big and beautiful aerodynamic TAIL
  • Integrated frontal reserve container for a parachute
  • Parachute lines on shoulders
  • Quick release buckles specially designed for the Dyneema line
  • Very big inflatable protector with with full back support and protection
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BF_cocon VAN (v2 modification)

Our model is specially designed for bivouac style flying.
  • To choose from «integrated» or «removable on carabiner» frontal reserve container for a parachute
  • ABS system and buckles like on cocon V2
  • Very big trunks and pockets
  • Parachute lines on shoulders (if choice integrated reserve container)
  • Option "warm legs" (additional layer of fabric under lycra) for flights at altitudes over 3000 meters
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(NEW!) BF_cocon Pizza RACE 2! 1.1 kg

Our lightest version, designed for hike and flight travels and competitions.
  • Big, very big aerodynamic tail
  • Frontal removable reserve container for a parachute, mounted on head carabiners
  • Get-up system on carbines. (a system invented by Bogdan 5 years ago to use get-up on carabiners without buckles. now this system is used on many harnesses of other brands)
  • Compact size inflatable protector
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Our new development of open harness.

Ideal as a first harness for learning to fly, for weekend flights, soaring, hike&flight, play ground, SIV, speed flying.

  • For weekend flights
  • Light
  • Simple
  • Durable
  • Comfort
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BF_Twix pilot/passenger

An amazing tandem harness for a wide range of pilots.

  • Lightweight, comfort and durable
  • Oxford 320d honeycomb fabric
  • First tandem harness for bivouac
  • Also good for hike and fly, commercial tandem flights
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BF lattice#

Single skin wing for your exciting hike&fly adventures, fun soaring.

The risers have a speed bar (+8 km/h) and a shortening of the B-C row when using the brakes deeply (for a soft landing).

  • From 1.44 kg
  • Main surface: skytex 27 classic 2
  • Top: skytex 32
  • Ribs: skytex 27 hard finish
  • Lines: Edelried, Liros
  • Risers: Dyneema D-pro 2-4 mm
  • Hardness: nitinol
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BF X-wing

This wing is designed for pilots who love to travel and fly.

A paraglider that fully reflects the philosophy of flying BogdanFly. Fly anywhere and anytime. Takeoff anywhere, landing anywhere.

The paraglider has simply excellent maneuverability and very high passive safety in powerful turbulent conditions.

This paraglider is ideal for bivouac flights or paragliding around the world.

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BF Reserve

A simple, lightweight, reliable parachute for the safety of your airborne missions. Very fast opening thanks to the minimum number of sections and lines.

  • Fabric - UUT rescue fabric 25 g/m
  • Lines - Liros dyneema rescue lime 1.3; 3.2 mm
  • Riser - Liros dyneema D-pro 5 mm
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BF_pack 2.0

A hybrid of a backpack with concentrina. Exclusive!
Pack your wing&harness quickly, conveniently, efficiently, compactly.

  • 5 versions to choose from
  • Weight from 400 to 990 grams
  • Volume from 40 to 100L
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