Fly high with BogdanFly!

BogdanFly is the lightest paraglider harness ever!

Very light

Cocoon weighing 1kg IS possible!

Long life

Verified life is more than 300 hours of flights!


The whole structure is made from Dyneema. 18 cm protector. EN-LTF test.

For bivouac

Enough room for all your bivouac equipment

About Us

Hi, everyone!

My name is Bogdan and I just love travelling with a paraglider around the world. But it's hard to do that with a heavy backpack on. I couldn’t find any light cocoon on the market that would suit me. That is why I had to recruit a team to create my own brand :)

Our harness is the best ratio of weight, safety, price, resource and comfort. A light harness is an easy start in calm weather, easy ascending, easy return from the route, easy landing without excessive pressure on your back and knees, more so – it is easy to fit in the airplane baggage restrictions. A light harness feels like second skin, merged together with the paraglider. Leave your heavy backpack behind!

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Our harnesses

Below are a few basic models of our harnesses.

Cocoon harness. Cross Country

Harness weight – 900 g, protector weight – 450 g

Best-seller. The best choice for long routes or a bivouac camp. Hammock type. Comfort at the level of heavier alternatives and beyond. Soft seat board option.

XS 163-169 cm
S 168-173 cm
M 173-178 cm
L 178-183 cm
XL 183-188 cm
XXL 188-193 cm

product image
product image

Open-type harness Beginner. Soaring. Acro

Harness weight – 800 g, protector weight – 550 g

The best choice for beginner and leisure pilots.

High level of comfort in rough air. Universal harness for acro paragliding craziness. With a detachable foam board.

M 170-180 cm,
L 180-190 cm

String harness. Hike&Fly

You want to climb a volcano, but walking down is boring? Grab a string harness – in weights only 230g!

The best choice for flying down and ground handling. A perfect addition to a single-surface wing.

Children: 120-150 cm
М 170-180 cm
L 180-190 cm

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For traveling

Bird of Paradise harness has the widest range of applications. Single-day hike&fly flights, multiple-days bivouac flights, flights in out of reach places where the equipment’s weight has a crucial role, as well as flights in well-known areas. It is also suitable for pilots traveling to other countries who want to decrease the weight of their equipment.

  • Skytex

    We use materials only from approved vendors

  • Dyneema

    All straps, buckles and loops are made from Dyneema

  • Settings

    All the adjustments are made with loops and knots


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